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 You have to wait until sometime next year actually get your hands on the new Apple attention, but from a distance you can start from Monday, when the SmartWatch to visit China in November issue cover fashion admire one. 

Most smartwatches seems to be designed for function, not fashion, with the aim technology enthusiasts, rather than high fashion lovers, but all may be associated with altered versions of Apples attention. On the contrary, makes its debut in its editorial commitment to publish computers and mobile devices, the new timing will be considered on the cover of Chinese fashion. Wearable device decorate a lovely fashion model wearing designer dress, specially from utilitarian smartwatches than we expected on the market very different image of the wrist today. 
Its no secret that Apple has been actively soliciting the fashion community. Its in the middle of New York Fashion Week last month, the company invited a select group of editors and bloggers attended the Apple Watch September 9 press conference and staged a similar show of Paris Fashion Week. The latter event attracted some of the most prominent style of motivation and shakers of the world, have gathered to check out Apples first wearable device. 
A fashion show Apple is impressed by Chinas fashion editor, editor in chief Tommy, who gave this statement to the fashion business scope: "When Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook talk about me they are concerned about how the concept developed by Apple, and from the beginning, I was impressed by the passion of their ideas and projects. 
"Then I saw the watch, think they look pretty good; some sports are very classic and elegant at the same time, they have this will be very useful in our daily lives so many features I just think they are. the technology combines style and function, it is very modern, and therefore, the perfect accessory for the modern woman and this is the Chinese womens fashion. "
All promotions have begun to reap the rewards and see the Chinese fashion cover with Chinese supermodel Liu Wen. As we move closer to when Apple finally appeared in stores watches date, we can expect to see more coverage from the fashion publications, but this is really a good thing in the long run? 
China has become a hot market for mobile devices, and high-grade goods, making it a major market for Apple observation. SmartWatch presented as a fashion accessory can increase sales and fashionable and wealthy women, close, have made Apple products
 best-selling tech-savvy male fans. Attention has Apple as a "chicken item" might promote the rights of these freaks guys to like Samsung or LGs competitors
 weapons (or store).



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